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Domotex, Hannover 2017

Exhibition comimg soon...

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Reminisce Collection

Reminisce collection brings to you traditional and transitional designs in new In-trend colours to transform any interior. Each rug has an artistic appeal of its own.

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Ikat Collection

Word Ikat( pronounced ee-kat) originated from an Indonesian or Malay mengikat which means "to tie, to bind".

It is a form of dyeing process which gives interesting unusual look after it ha

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Classical Collection

These celebrate the huge diversity of styles and designs. This sumptous volume includes the finest type of each carpet. These type of rugs enjoy a special place in the collective imagination. It is th

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Traditional Collection

Ziegler traditional rugs are made to a good quality. They offer a luxurious finish with an antique look. The beauty of these rugs is that they fit perfectly in almost any home. We offer these designs

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About the Wool Pile

The earliest known woollen yarn appeared in Mesopoamia.

Wool is springy, lustrous, pliant in nature.

It is overwhelmingly favoured as the primary material used for making carpe

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About the Silk Pile

Silk has a luxurious softness and sheen beauty that is unmatched.

It has rightly earned its reputation as the "queen of all fabrics" as it is warm and cozy in winters and comfortably cool wh

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Welcome To Maya Trades

Established in 1975, Maya Trades is renowned for its quality, integrity and honesty.

We aim at getting inovative ideas, concepts and methods in the manufacturing of rugs and therefore, cover all parts from In-house dyeing of wool, designing to finishing.

Our team understands the need of current market and always keeps itself updated to the ever-changing market trends.

We provide luxurious and refined hand-woven pieces that will add sophistication and style to a home.