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Collection Details

Reminisce Collection

Reminisce collection brings to you traditional and transitional designs in new In-trend colours to transform any interior. Each rug has an artistic appeal of its own.

Ikat Collection

Word Ikat( pronounced ee-kat) originated from an Indonesian or Malay mengikat which means "to tie, to bind".

It is a form of dyeing process which gives interesting unusual look after it has been woven. Ikat design rugs have been inspired by this.

It is everywhere these days. It is as trendy as anything ancient. It represents tribal aesthetics, technology and social order.

This type of pattern now lends interiors a very subtle and elegant vibe.

Classical Collection

These celebrate the huge diversity of styles and designs. This sumptous volume includes the finest type of each carpet. These type of rugs enjoy a special place in the collective imagination. It is the stuff of tales of magic and its very presence is enough to create a certain atmosphere. The material, the texture, the sparkling colours , the motifs and their composition- all combine to create unique carpets like these.

Traditional Collection

Ziegler traditional rugs are made to a good quality. They offer a luxurious finish with an antique look. The beauty of these rugs is that they fit perfectly in almost any home. We offer these designs in mild-muted colours to give a elegant touch to the entire decor.

About the Wool Pile

The earliest known woollen yarn appeared in Mesopoamia.

Wool is springy, lustrous, pliant in nature.

It is overwhelmingly favoured as the primary material used for making carpets. It is a protenious fibre which is alkaline in nature and its characteristics like elasticity, suppleness and thermal insulation make wool aggreable both to work and to live with. Inspite of scientists innumerous efforts to make a synthetic product with all qualities of wool, they have never succeeded. Wool is temperature controlled as well as a naturally fire retardant.

About the Silk Pile

Silk has a luxurious softness and sheen beauty that is unmatched.

It has rightly earned its reputation as the "queen of all fabrics" as it is warm and cozy in winters and comfortably cool when temperature rises. Silk is famously of two types Mulberry silk and Tussah silk. Mulberry silk is a cultivated form of silk which is fine, white and has soft filaments while tussah on the other hand is coarse, brownish and irregular.